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Actually, scratch the walking around bit. I'll just get on the used stairstepper I bought.


I think I found a motivating metaphor that works for me. Life, or any activity thereof, is like a stretchy rubber exercise band, like the ones they use for physical rehab. If you just hold it limply, it doesn't do anything. It remains static and boring. You actually have to pull on it to get any benefit out of it. The more you pull on it, the greater the effect/benefit.

Likewise with any life activity; going out and socializing/mate seeking, exercise, etc. You have to put effort in and have confidence you are going to see some results. Blah; whatever. This could use some polishing, but I wanted to put it down in words.


My ex-girlfriend once told me that girls like to dress up when they feel shitty in order to feel better. Sounds useful and since I'm not in the habit of dressing up, I never would have thought of it. It does seem to have a mild effect on how I feel, but I haven't noticed it affecting how others treat me.


From "Odd Thomas" by Dean Koontz: "He once told me that the moodier a woman is, the hotter she will prove to be in bed. This was fatherly advice that I could have lived without."

This is...interesting.
...and in my case (if we postulate it holds for both sexes), true. OH DAYUM I WASN'T GONNA SAY IT BUT I SAID IT. :)


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