2 April 2008

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can't write much, elbows hurt.

Good and evil are terms we should not use when describing human behavior, but we don't have anything that is easier to understand.

This is inspired by Eddie Izzard's sketch about Noah, the Ark, and "evil animals". He makes the point that animals can't be evil. I would say the whole idea of good vs evil is better described as human nature vs our animal nature. Animal nature is the self that doesn't care about anything but it's immediate gratification. It will kill, rape, and steal, anything to fulfill it's desires. Animals aren't evil. The oft-repeated claim that human beings are the only animals that kill each other...well I'll have to think about that.

But this idea really takes the stigma away from criminals. It's much more condusive to rehabilitation to think about their actions as separate from who they are. The current ideas of good and evil are too closely identified with human beings, which really makes it easy for people to agree with locking people up forever in prison. It also makes it to easy to demonize other groups of people, which governments love to do.

I know this idea is not fully developed, but my brain's not firing on all cylinders. blargrggghghghg


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