8 April 2008

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Ask students to write a summary at the end of each class about what they did. "Learned how to factor", "learned what the quadratic equation does", etc. Think of some pithy comment about how if you don't write it down, you don't remember it. Plus it sounds impressive when the parents ask, "So what did you do in school today?" (assuming they do that). :/

This counts as their attendance grade for the day.

To keep it fair, I will do mine. :P Today we learned about contour curves and how they give the general shape of the plane of the multivariable function. Also, we leaned about the normal vector and the binormal vector. The normal vector is the direction in which the curve is turning at each point. The binormal vector is perpendicular to both the normal and tangent vectors.

God I have sooo far to go before I graduate. :(


Have them keep a math journal. They will write out their thoughts as they attack problems. Will show them how to do it in class: "Crap, this looks hard. How the hell do I do this? Better check the example problems in the chapter. Hmm, this looks like...I'll try...". Gets the flow going. This will be graded at the end of term.


Instead of having a math problem of the day to start them off, have them translate easily understood, real-life relationships into math speak. Things like, "Your overall feeling for your little brother is your love for him minus your irritation at him. Write this in mathese." Do several simple statements to get them in the habit of turning word problems into equations. Once they have the habit of doing that, THEN they can start solving the equations. TELL them that is what they are doing. They will hopefully recognize that as a tool and use it in future problems. This has to be done every day though, otherwise it doesn't become a habit.


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