10 April 2008

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Awesome! Now all we need is a worldwide TV shortage caused by GW and maybe people will finally wake the fuck up and start caring about the goddamn fucking environment!!!!
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Today we discussed some of the themes we gleaned from the readings. We also did a long self-intro to the class based on our names. It was ok, but it felt a little forced. I wish I would have caught on sooner and done an actual INTRO instead of the poetry type thing I did.

The attitude is also veeeeery touchy-feely, we're all in this together, Kumbaya-esque. I realize this is his teaching method and so I'm not knocking that; I just think it's good for primary school students. I'd like to be learning some pedagogical techniques, but I guess that will come later. Plus it's not like you can really teach it; you just have to have a flair for it. it's not like you can teach someone specific techniques to be a salesperson. You either have the love of the spotlight and the podium (and a caring personality) or you don't. I guess I realize it's not really a technique-driven job.

I am curious about how much I'll open up in this class. Typically, I don't open up at all, because what's the point? The odds are I likely won't ever see them again. However, that is exactly the attitude that kept me miserable while I was in Guam. Instead, I should have loosened up, let go of my fear and enjoyed myself. *sigh* Goddammit.

I have to miss next class because of my unit's gun shoot. Bummer.


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