3 June 2008

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Part of the reason our modern society is so lonely is it is so convenient.

Examples of this:
-We don't take public transportation; we drive our own individual cars.

-Finding enough food to survive is no longer a problem. Historically, there was a lot more human interaction in the production and gathering of food. No longer; we go out individually and buy it. Hell, we don't even have to go out anymore! We can order it over the phone or online and have it delivered to our door. How CONVENIENT (and conveniently isolating).

-Entertainment used to be a lot more difficult to come by; I'm thinking around the start of the 20th century. People actually used to have to go out to see concerts and talkies and circuses; not anymore. Power on, click, download and stream. You don't even have the level of interaction of paying another human being for your ticket. (Being in a chat room with someone while the movie plays is not the same as actually going out and interacting with strangers and other human beings.)

-Working from home is no longer unusual. We even have a comic strip with that as it's theme, Adam@Home.

-How often do you walk into your bank? ATM's often can and do fulfill most of our needs.

-Our commute times are abysmal, all so we can have the "convenience" of driving when and where we want. Commute time is oftentimes spent alone.

The impact of all this increased convenience is the human interaction has been eliminated. The IMPLICATION of having increased convenience is that we can be more productive with the resulting time, i.e. work more.

Thus my case for the correlation between convenience and isolation. Feel free to put more examples (and conflicting ones) in the comments.

However, there are cases where increased convenience doesn't equal isolation. Another factor mitigates these, however; discontinuity. )


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