27 June 2008

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Holy shit. It just keeps unfolding. Skip if you are uninterested in the apocalypse.

Human beings don't scale, to use a software development term. It means while a piece of software may work fine when the amount of data handled is small, when it is has to process massive amounts of it, it slows, stalls or breaks. Same thing happens with humans when they organize into large groups. Cities have historically been nasty, filthy things in which disease runs rampant. It's only been relatively recently in the course of history that we have worked on making cities efficient and clean. Throwing waste water out of windows into the street below, anyone?

TEH HOLEE BIBLEE. The prophecy about branding people with the number of the beast. This clearly speaks to the understanding that once we start treating people as numbers (because there are so many of them) we are doomed.

This explains why people are so rude on the internet. There are so many faceless people and we are given no reason to bond with them, to depend on them, to treat them as people. If we will never encounter these people again or in real life, we can act however we want.


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