13 July 2008

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I heart this. Imagine listening to this when you are 8 or 9 years old. It's one of the shows that got me hooked on horror and thrillers. I never thought I'd hear it again.

Plus, it's Vincent Price!

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Idea for a science fiction story: implants or medical surgery in order to artificially overcome the limitations for empathy of our monkey brains. What would happen? Would we have to have a stimulus in our brains that activates every time we meet someone new? Would we only be able to recognize 150 groups of people and after that each new person is seen as a variation of the known type, not an individual? Would we have a wifi implant that drew up a person's file from a server so we could remember information about them? Basically, what would happen if we strove to overcome our hardwired empathy limit medically? Technologically? (EDIT: side note; organizationally?) What would our society look like?
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I'm going to start thinking of world politics in terms of playground politics. The world map is a giant playground and each nation is a child. Same way of dealing with problems arise, and the same need to act like an adult is required.


Packing and printing for tomorrow. WHILE LISTENING TO DISCO OH YEAH.


I'm also going to try treating adults like children and children like adults.


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