7 August 2008

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When people say they believe in God, they really mean they believe in hope.

The two most common statements we hear from both camps (that really characterizes their differing sentiments nicely) are "Praise God" and "There is no God".

Substitute in the word "hope" for "God".

"Praise Hope" and "There is no hope".

I don't want to tie down my hope with useless baggage. I don't need the herd morality to keep me in check. I can still believe in hope and not believe in God.

When you tell me "God is your only hope of salvation. Without God, there is no hope", I raise one eyebrow and say I don't believe in false dichotomies.


Firefox is the new EMACS.


Walked 13 km today. I intend on wrapping it up with some mocha chocolate ice cream and some MST3K.


Things I dislike about the Sims 2:

-it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy to make friends and lovers.
-there's no random moodiness, angst, or sadness like in real life.
-my neighborhood just became corrupted. My Sims' thought bubbles contain black scribble marks. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
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This might come in handy later in life as a teacher. Or a parent. Or a fast-food manager. Or a dog.

Being perfect doesn't make you loved.
Being good, being loving, gets you loved.


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