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Mom called this morning at 6 am. Told me one of the Navy helicopters my brother flies on crashed, killing three people. This is in Corpus Christi. Thankfully, he wasn't on that flight. 0_0 It could have been him very easily, though. Thank God.

Some famous guy said "an atheist is someone who hasn't looked death in the face". Or something like that. Funny how the first thing I said was "Thank God".


I really like the metaphor of human beings as pearls. Think about it.
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Oh shit! Iz mah birfday! I think I'll go...have a birthday milkshake and study.

My parents sent me some rice krispie treats and $50 bucks ("So you can buy a bus pass and not have to ride in the cold dark rain!") and my brother called. Good times.

Went to the library, watched videos, wrote reports on them, attended an unofficial debate session by the new people. They didn't want to debate though, they just wanted to bone up on their material by reading the Economist. Now, I like reading that magazine too, but not when I have shit that needs to get done before my internship tomorrow night, the test tomorrow morning, and my bullshit last drill session this weekend. So I bid them adieu and returned to my video watching. Got done, bussed back home, had some broccoli, Van Camps beans, a potato and some ketchup (blech!). Oh well, gotta live cheap yo. The less meat I buy, the more money I save.

Gah. Ferret, study!


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