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Best bumper sticker seen today: Wag more. (then, in small type below it) Bark less.


The argument has been made that society's increased materialism and all it's associated sins can be traced back to the death of God, for when man began his denial of the existence of God, he had no choice but to embrace materialism as his idol. Science has forwarded the ideals of efficiency and material advancement, and we have followed the signposts, lured by increased physical pleasure and freedom from physical pain. The path continues to a place where efficiency will rule over human freedom, where the social contract swells to include a greater percentage of our lives. An efficient society requires caretakers and administrators, and human freedom is so messy and unpredictable.

Just venting. I don't seriously subscribe to such a philosophy, I just enjoy indulging my fire-and-brimstone tendencies towards the dramatic.
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"We human beings have a great need for one another. As described by the West African writer and teacher Malidoma Some, we have 'an instinct of community'. However, at the end of the twentieth century this instinct to be together is materializing as growing fragmentation and separation. We experience terrible ethnic wars, militia groups, special-interest clubs, and chat rooms. We are using the instinct of community to separate and protect us from one another, rather than creating a global culture of diverse, yet interwoven communities. We search for those most like us in order to protect ourselves from the rest of society. Clearly, we cannot get to a future worth inhabiting through these separating paths. Our great task is to rethink our understanding of community so that we can move from the closed protectionism of the current forms to openness and an embracing of the planetary community."

This succinctly states all I've been trying to get out. I feel so inadequate. In one paragraph...*shakes head*

The assembly line is a perfect example of what modern society does to us. Instead of thinking, acting human beings, we become cogs in a machine, numb and seeking further numbness. When our god is efficiency, we cease to matter. We are no longer the focus, efficiency is.

I think I'll go down the south waterfront this evening and see how that artificial community functions in the evening. It's effectively a gated community set right outside of downtown intended to replicate suburban living for richies who want to live downtown.

I don't think I'm smart enough to solve this problem...


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