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Watched Resident Evil Extinction, and am sorely pissed that it turned out so crappy. The only thing that was worthwhile was the following thought; hope is essential. This was inspired by the part of the movie where the heroine has joined the rag-tag group of survivors and presented them with a journal stating there is an uninfected human settlement in Alaska. They are in Nevada, and the "plot" conflict is whether they should continue to scrape out their lives as they currently are or try to reach Alaska. Of course, they choose Alaska and, of course, they experience horrible screaming zombie death soon after they make that decision.

Regardless of the outcome of that decision or the overall disappointment in the movie, it made me realize the following:

You can't not have hope. You can't release it. You have no control. You may push it under, you may bury it, but you can't get rid of it. The fact that you are still alive and haven't died means you have hope. It is the essential motivator. If you feel you have no hope, you are going to go into a psychic coma until such a time that you again FEEL you have hope. You need to realize you ALWAYS have hope, regardless of the circumstances. Events change, the walls move, the room changes from four blank walls to ones with windows; life happens.

Hope is a drug. Use with caution.


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