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Lessons learned:

-don't recommend they switch taggers after a couple of games. Even though you want everyone to get a fair chance at using both guns, they need more practice on just one tagger to get familiar with it.
-when doing the initial training, have both taggers be the same type. Have everyone (but the example player) gather around you and explain how it works.
-don't forget to mention the rails (aiming notches) for the deluxe tagger are located on the side, not the top like the master blaster. Someone got all the way to the end of the session without knowing how to aim; he must have been pretty frustrated.
-find a good location and stick with it. It's toooooo big a park to be continually changing locations.
-realize that some people just aren't into lazertag and won't enjoy it as much as you. Don't feel it's a reflection on you. Although I did make some mistakes, there were extenuating circumstances that negatively affected the game that were out of your control; extra unannounced players, heat, players not into LT, etc.
-go back to Laurelhurst Park. I have had the best games so far there on the stairs.
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Whew. Well that term's over, and now it's lovely summer break. I still haven't got my grades back, but it's irrelevant. I'll be retaking two classes.

I've been playing video games non-stop, almost desperately since I know I'll have to stop soon. It feels great.

Played a game of lazertag yesterday at Mt. Tabor. It didn't go too well, since we only had a total of 3 people. There seems to be a 50% attrition rate when it comes to events. I want to name this Walker's Law, but I don't want to give the impression that all my events are that badly attended! So, I shall name it Skethcher's Law. Probably rename that later.

The two individuals were nice, but they weren't really into it. We managed to play for about an hour and a half, and then waved goodby. Got questioned by a cop on a bicycle for a minute, who said they'd received a call about paintballers. Nope, not us. She biked on, without giving us any more grief. Sweet!

Mt. Tabor is not that interesting for lazertag. It has a lot of trees, but not a lot of obstacles, which are what actually make it interesting. Hopping back and forth behind trees is only fun for so long. Ideal obstacles are things like statues, buildings, large trash cans, cars, etc. The ideal spacing of these obstacles appears to be within 13 ft. If you don't encounter something within that space, it becomes boring. Also the sight lines are very important. If you can see clearly more than 30 feet away, it brings down the fun level.

There is a medium size square downtown by PSU that may fit the bill here. I'm going to reconnaitre this one this afternoon. Hopefully it will fit the bill! Urban settings seem to be the way to go for LT.

Other than that, just enjoying summer break. Ahhh...


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