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We need filters and playpens. There are waaaaay too many humans out there to potentially interact with, and we need filters. Unfortunately, most of us end up using stereotypes as filters. Bad juju. Filtering by values leads to sameness of viewpoints and lack of diversity; real community needs diversity to challenge us and make us accept differences. We need PHYSICAL limitations, restrictions on our mobility. An example; traveling by air is nice but impersonal. You are never stuck with anyone for a long amount of time, and it's over pretty quickly. Greyhound takes a LOT longer, and one tends to talk more to people at bathroom and meal stops. (I LOVE GREYHOUND SO MANY GOOD STORIES) This is a chance to build a rapport. You subconsciously recognize that you are going to be with these people for a looooong time, so you don't mind spending that time getting to know them. Not so with planes; I'm annoyed when someone tries to talk to me during a flight because we don't have enough interaction to be that familiar.

Physical filters keep us interacting with the same smaller group of people over and over again, rather than a continuous stream of new people. Think about the computer game The Sims 2. What people continually walk by your house, giving you a chance to get to know them? Your neighbors. When you go to a community lot, who do you run into? Your neighbors. Over and over again, you encounter the same people, giving you a chance to raise your relationship score and Make WhooHoo in the clothing booth. Wait. Overextending the metaphor there. Point is. We rarely have this frequency with anyone but our work mates. Not even our FAMILY gives us this encounter frequency when we move out.

Etc, etc, but I'm tired of standing and I might be able to sleep soon, so that's it.


We are all operating under the illusion that we have enough time in our lives to complete everything we want to do. This is a falsity. We don't have close to enough time. I feel there is so much work to be done towards understanding this world, that were I to encounter an untimely death, I would want to be reincarnated (with a way to download all the previous knowledge and understanding I had accrued in the previous life) even given all the shit I'd have to go through again. However, I would only want to go through it again were I given the GUARANTEE that I would remember all the knowledge from my previous life ("OK, where was I...oh yes, the biological empathy limit of the human brain and the resulting social consequences...").
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When people say they believe in God, they really mean they believe in hope.

The two most common statements we hear from both camps (that really characterizes their differing sentiments nicely) are "Praise God" and "There is no God".

Substitute in the word "hope" for "God".

"Praise Hope" and "There is no hope".

I don't want to tie down my hope with useless baggage. I don't need the herd morality to keep me in check. I can still believe in hope and not believe in God.

When you tell me "God is your only hope of salvation. Without God, there is no hope", I raise one eyebrow and say I don't believe in false dichotomies.


Firefox is the new EMACS.


Walked 13 km today. I intend on wrapping it up with some mocha chocolate ice cream and some MST3K.


Things I dislike about the Sims 2:

-it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy to make friends and lovers.
-there's no random moodiness, angst, or sadness like in real life.
-my neighborhood just became corrupted. My Sims' thought bubbles contain black scribble marks. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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